Michael Peak – The History of a Professional


Michael Peak

Michael Peak

As an Emmy Award Winning television journalist, Michael Peak began his media career at the age of 19.  His first job was carrying around a 40 pound video tape recorder at  CBS in San Diego for $3.00 an hour!

Times have certainly changed.

Over the years, Michael went on to interview over thirty thousand people during his career as a television journalist.  He has interviewed some of the world’s greatest success stories, and some of the greatest failures.  He falls back on this tremendous experience while teaching in his acclaimed seminars.

Michael first hit the literary scene in 1989 with his bestselling fantasy novel, “Cat House.”  He now has five fantasy/suspense novels published, and is developing a contemporary sci-fi drama for television.

Michael began working in the seminar field in 1999.  He produces two powerful programs to help people have breakthroughs in their lives.  As a master of hypnosis and NLP, he often incorporates these skills in his events to help participants achieve immediate results.

Peak’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. He has often been catapulted into the spotlight. Michael has made several television appearances, including national shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Vicki, Leeza, and A Closer Look with Faith Daniels.

Michael currently lives in San Diego, where he spends time photographing whales, dolphins, and other exotic wildlife.  He is currently owned by two large felines.