Download a Fantastic Suspense Novel by Bestselling Author, Michael Peak

The Dolphin Treaty

The Dolphin Treaty



International politics, special interest groups, the news media, and cetacean citizens with permanent smiles. This seemingly diverse group of characters collide in an underwater adventure seen through the eyes of an industrious spotted dolphin in the tropical Pacific. He leads his company in the never ending battle against the world’s most dangerous predator — humans.








Athenas Vase

Athena’s Vase



What would it be like to revisit your past? To reappear in the form of your own twelve-year-old self, with all the knowledge and hindsight of your adult experience? To know the future . . . and thus know how to manipulate it. Through an ancient gift of mythological wisdom, Gary Sundquist finds out. A love affair, a plane crash, and a promise create chaotic turmoil along an ancient timeline.








Wekend of the Wolf

Weekend of the Wolf



What begins as a week-long environmental study erupts into an explosive race through the unlikely surroundings of the Superior National Forest. Paul Westover, a reporter for the Associated Press, is thrown into much more than the story of a lifetime. The mystery begins with diamonds, gold, and an illegal trade route through wolf territory in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota.